Steel Security Doors

Commercial and industrial building owners commonly install steel security doors as protection for their property. Today, however, even residential homeowners see the value of having this on their front door.

Burglars apparently regard the front door as the weakest point and use this to gain access to the house. Thus, installing a steel security door is a sound choice for ramping up home protection, along with other home security systems like alarms and cameras.

newcaslte steel security door

The sight of steel security doors can deter thieves from attempting to break in. As an added security measure, this door may be fitted with reinforced frames, heavy-duty hardware and drill proof locks that are nearly impossible to break without drawing some attention.

Steel security doors with a mesh or screen help maintain your privacy, too. You get a clear and uninterrupted view of what’s happening outside, but it keeps prying eyes from spotting what’s in your house. Steel doors, in addition, also offer other benefits aside from protection and security. 

Improved curb appeal

Despite its material and while it can be intimidating to intruders, this type of door won’t remind you of prison. On the contrary, steel security doors lend an attractive appearance to the house because it can come in various designs, patterns, and colours.

When it comes to customisation, this type of door is exceptionally versatile. With many options to choose from, steel doors add a curb appeal and polished look to the structure, thus increasing its property value and providing a better first impression from friends that visit your house.

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Exceptional durability

The front door receives the most traffic in the house, so installing a durable door is a primary concern. Did you know that steel is one of the most durable construction materials? It won’t crack, rot and warp, unlike other materials. It is perfect for Australian homes because steel has the strongest tolerance for harsh weather and extreme climate conditions.

Did you know that steel is resistant to fire? Most steel security doors are also galvanised with another layer of strength that burns slowly in case of fire. In some houses, homeowners actually prefer steel doors inside as well because it could help slow down the spread of fire.

Invaluable efficiency

Most people would be surprised to know that steel security doors are energy efficient. According to HGTV, it can significantly lower the utility bills because you won’t solely rely on cooling or heating systems to make the house comfortable.

In the warmer months, this door could be bolted to keep intruders and unwanted creatures out, but the front door could be left wide open to let the breeze in through the mesh. In the winter months, steel security doors can add another layer of insulation in the entryway.

Maintenance is also not a challenging task when steel security doors have been built to take a beating. It will remain intact for a long time and will minimally require repainting or staining every few years only.

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Practical affordability

Steel material is quite affordable compared to other more durable options.  This doesn’t mean, however, that its quality is cheap. Thanks to technological advancements, steel manufacturing has improved in a way that makes steel more refined and cost-efficient.

The value of steel can also be measured in terms of its lifespan. Depending on the steel grade, a steel door can last for decades with little maintenance and repair work needed.

Seek a professional contractor for your security door needs

The actual cost and sustainability of a steel security door will vary, however, based on the chosen design and hardware, assembly process and installation. If you’re considering adding a steel door to your house, seek a professional with a reputable experience and record of high quality work.

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