Steel Roofing

In the last decade, demand for steel roofing in residential construction has increased. Commonly found in buildings, industrial structures and warehouses, many homeowners now consider this type of roofing system over the traditional tile shingles.

The roofing is a vital part of any home, and a roof that can withstand the harshest climate and environmental conditions in Australia is indispensable. Ecological sustainability is the most significant advantage of steel roofing, and hence, it’s popular with Australian homeowners. Some believe, however, that the primary disadvantage of steel roofing is that it can rust too quickly. Is there any truth to this?

Debunking steel roofing rust myths

As far as roof rust and corrosion problems are concerned, here’s the truth: yes, it can happen but why it occurs isn’t so simple.

For one thing, using cheap steel roofing can contribute to rust quickly. Installing poor quality steel roof when the house stands two miles away from the ocean, which is common in Australia, can also lead to its deterioration in a short span of time.

But there are many types of galvanised, sealed and coated steel roofs with a finish that will protect it from rust and corrosion for at least 40 years, according to the Galvanizers Association of Australia. You’ll get your money’s worth when you pay a premium for high quality steel roof. Quality does make all the difference.

But rust is also nature’s way of advising homeowners that it might be time to restore the roof, especially for houses with a certain age. Roof rusting and corrosion won’t stop and could lead to holes and leaks unless it has been restored. The sooner the rusting is addressed, the faster the problems will be prevented.

Whether you’re building a new house or doing a total makeover, it’s crucial to consult steel roofing professionals when it comes to installation and repair.

Dispelling other myths of steel roofing

Despite modern advances in the manufacturing and design of steel roofs, a few misconceptions about its installation, repair, and restoration still exist.

  • Myth: Steel roofs make a loud noise during rain.

Fact: Quality steel roofing has barriers and layers designed to inhibit the noise. Raindrops don’t become amplified on the roof.

  • Myth: Steel roofs attract lightning.

Fact: It’s a high point, not metal, that attracts lighting, according to the Lightning Safety Group at Cornell University in the United States. Steel also conducts, not attract, electricity.

·         Myth: Steel roofs make houses quite warm.

Fact: Anything that’s above ground and exposed to the sun could get hot, but steel roofs don’t get much hotter than tile roofing or its other counterparts. Steel actually releases solar heat faster since tiles or asphalts tend to absorb heat more.

·         Myth: Steel roofs will dent.

Fact: Most top quality steel roof construction comes with a robust and durable roof deck and support. Residential roofing isn’t built like farm or barn roofs.

·         Myth: Steel roofs are heavy and will weigh down over time.

Fact: Steel roofs are built strong but also dense and sturdy. In general, it’s lighter than asphalt, concrete and other roofing options.

·         Myth: Steel roofs don’t look aesthetically pleasing.

Fact: Steel roof construction comes with a variety of designs, styles, and texture. Homeowners can even have steel roofing that mimics the appearance of tractional shingles. Steel roofing is not just a pile of Tin can.

·         Myth: Steel roofs devalue the house’s property.

Fact: High quality steel roofs are not cheap, and its installation requires the skills and technique of qualified workers. If it’s well maintained and properly cared for, it adds to the curb appeal of the house.

Steel roof generally remains in excellent condition for decades if it has been adequately maintained. It is advisable, therefore, to conduct regular inspections of the roof at least every three years, and do minor makeovers like painting and repairs to prolong its lifespan.

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