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Stainless Steel Manufacturers Melbourne

When quality counts…count on Fairmont

With over 30 years of experience, working with some of the biggest names in Australia, you can count on Fairmont Stainless Steel to help bring your dreams to life.
Our expertise in design and fabrication means that anyone can share in the beauty and versatility of fully recyclable stainless steel. With its superior looks, increased functionality and natural resistance to heat and bacteria, no wonder this miraculous alloy has become such a popular choice for both architects and interior designers the world over.
All our products are custom designed and built in Australia to the highest standards using cutting edge fabrication techniques. Unlike many of our imitators, our rigorous testing means you can also count on the strength of our stainless steel.
From individual products to the design, fabrication and installation of complete bars, kitchens and outdoor entertainment areas, discover how Fairmont Stainless Steel can enhance your home or business. We pride ourselves on quality you can count on.

Bars & Clubs – Better by design…

In the competitive area of the hospitality, owners and operators are constantly seeking innovative yet efficient designs when equipping, building or refurbishing. That’s where we come in.
Having worked with some of the biggest breweries and hotel groups throughout Australia, Fairmont Stainless Steel can help any bar and club owner bring their vision to life. Our patented Beta Bar Systems, designed to suit your exact needs, are efficient to operate in, easy to maintain, and extremely popular with both owners and staff. If you need a functional work area with impressive styling and durable stainless steel fabrication and welding, or simply need to kit out an existing space, look no further.
Need to equip or improve an existing bar? Our custom-made essentials and accessories are all made in Australia to a level of quality and strength you won’t find elsewhere. From stainless steel racks and undercounter refrigerators to stainless steel tables and wall paneling – we bring out the best in any bar or club.

Kitchens & Cafes – Cook with confidence…

The practical and hygienic benefits of stainless steel outclass any other medium – ideal for kitchens and cafes. We supply individual products – from stainless steel bowls and racks to backsplashes and shelves – or design and install your complete kitchen from scratch.
Whether you’re installing, equipping or renovating a commercial kitchen or café, or simply looking to reap the benefits of stainless steel at home, no job is too big or small.
We serve up world-class construction, clever ideas and friendly customer service to bring you the best in kitchens and cafes. Easier to use, safer to work in and better to look at. That’s Fairmont Stainless Steel.

Catering Equipment – Service you can count on…

Hygienic, easy to clean and packed with useful features – our Australian-made catering equipment is built to stand up to the rigors of this demanding environment. Stainless steel cookware, bain maries, cake displays, barbecue utensil sets, undercounter refrigerators, restaurant tables, cash drawers, sandwich prep stations, beer dispensers, and more; we cater for every need. Effective catering equipment demands great ergonomics and durability you can count on. Our years of design experience, superior steel fabricating and top-quality welding result in catering equipment that feels good to use and looks good to the customer. Give your catering business the upper hand with Fairmont Stainless Steel.